Stratigrphy - Definition and scope 

Concept of stratum, its delineUploading, please wait...ation and general nomenclature.

Sedimentary Petrology is a part of the course 1, titled Stratigraphy and sedimentary Petrology for 5th semester B Sc Geology program. Sedimentary Petrology is the study of origin, formation, characteristics and classification of  rocks which are constituted of sediments. The course provide a brief understanding  on process of formation ,environment of formation, classification, textural features, sedimentary structures and economic importance of sedimentary rocks.

Understand the basic concepts of magma generation in the sub lithospheric mantle

Learn and understand the different classification scheme of igneous rocks

Insight on to the different experimental models of crystallization and melting of magma 

Understand and learn the texture and structure of igneous rocks

Study of different forms of igneous bodies