PART I   HEALTH, EXERCISE & NUTRITION                                                                            

Module 1    Definition and Meaning of Health                                                    10 Hrs            Dimensions and Determination of Health Physical Activity and Health benefits Effect of exercise on body systems – Circulatory, Respiratory, Endocrine, Skeletal and Muscular Programmes on Community health promotion (Individual, Family  and Society) Dangers  of alcoholic and drug abuse, medico-legal  implications  

Module 2     Nutrition and Health                       10 Hrs            Concept of Food and Nutrition, Balanced diet                     Vitamins, Malnutrition, Deficiency Disease                     Determining Caloric intake and expenditure                     Obesity, causes and preventing measures                     Role of Diet and Exercise, BMI

 Module 3    Safety Education in Health promotion                                          8 Hrs Principles of Accident prevention Health and Safety in daily life. Health and Safety at work. First aid and emergency care. Common injuries and  their management.   Modern life style and hypokinetic diseases. Diabetese, Cardiovasculard disorders-Prevention and                           Management.

Module 4       Life Skill Education                                  8 Hrs                         Life skills, emotional adjustment and well being,. Yoga, Meditation and                           Relaxation, Psychoneuroimmunology  


 Module 5        Public health and water quality.                                                   11 Hrs Potable water, Health and Water quality  Faecal bacteriae and pathogenic microorganisms transmitted by water. Determination of sanitary quality of drinking water, water purification techniques

 Module 6  Public health and diseases                          15 Hrs                         Water borne dseases-Cholera and Typhoid.Prevention of Water   borne                            diseases.                          Food borne diseases and Prevention  Botulinum, Salmenellosis, Hepatitis A  Vector borne diseases & Control measures  Chikungunya , Filariasis and Dengu fever Zoonotic disease-Leptospirosis & its control             Emerging diseases - Swine flue (H1N1), bird flue (H5N1),  

SARS, Anthrax Re-emerging diseases –TB, Malaria


  Health Centre visit & Report Presentation