Graph Theory  -The course has been designed to build awareness of some of the fundamental concepts in Graph Theory and to develop a better understanding of the subject so as to use these ideas skillfully in solving real-world problems.

Metric Spaces -The course will enable the students to i) Understand the basic concepts of metric spaces; ii) Correlate these concepts to their counterparts in real analysis;

To enhance programming skills in Python 

This course is meant to give an introduction to Complex Analysis. It contains Four modules which covers complex numbers, complex plane, analytic functions, complex integration and nature of singularities and Improper integrals. The prerequisites for the course are some basic knowledge in Set theory, Calculus and Real analysis.

LaTeX is a document typesetting system that is used to produce high quality scientificc
documents such as articles, books, dissertations, technical reports, etc.
It makes the author to organize the document in a logical way, which
often has the beneficial side effect of producing exposition that more organized, clearer, and more coherent. It allows the author to focus on
content rather than layout during the writing process.
This course has been designed to provide a clear under standing of the basics of technical writing using LaTeX so that they will
be able to communicate their ideas effectively in the form of technical
reports, journal papers etc. LaTeX elegantly handles numbering, figure
and tables inserting, internal referencing and bibliography within a
document. Further, Beamer is a LaTeX document class for creating
slides for presentations. Also, LaTeX is responsible for controlling the
layout of a document and thus, making it more pleasing to the eye.

This course is offered to 6th Semester B.Sc Mathematics students of Mahatma Gandhi University