This course is meant to give an introduction to abstract algebra. It contains four modules in which three of them contains theory of groups and the fourth one concentrated on some preliminary theories about rings and fields. The pre requisites for the course are some basic knowledge in set theory, linear algebra, matrix theory and theory of numbers.

This is the open course offered by Department of Mathematics for the 5th semester students of other departments. 

Course code :  MM5GET02

Total hours : 72 hours ( 4 hours/week)

Total credits : 4 credits

The course includes the basic theory of ordinary differential equations which finds immense application in science and engineering. You will learn the basic principles and methods for solving first and higher order linear differential equations.

This course is offered to 5th and 6th Semester B. Sc Mathematics students of Mahatma Gandhi University

Course code :  MM5CRT01 ( Semester-5)

Total hours : 108 hours ( 6 hours per week)

Total credits : 4 credits

Course code :  MM6CRT01 ( Semester-6)

Total hours : 90 hours ( 5 hours per week)

Total credits : 4 credits